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When were the first pancakes made?

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When were the first pancakes made?

Pancakes have been made since ancient times, but it is believed that they originated even in the Stone Age, when people mixed flour and water. It was a kind of mixture of pancakes, bread, and omelets. And there were two combinations: savory and sweet. 🥞

The Romans added fruits, hazelnuts, and honey to sweet pancakes, and cheese, fish, or meat to savory ones. They called the made treat from flour, milk, and eggs, later added with honey and fruit, "alita dolcia," which translated meant - another sweet. 🍓

The ones we know today were devised by the personal chef of Pope Gelazius I when on January 2, 492, so many pilgrims arrived at the Vatican that food ran out, and they mostly had only eggs, milk, and flour. Soon after that - they conquer the whole world. ⏳

The ancient Greek poet Kratin wrote about the pleasure of eating hot pancakes for breakfast, and in the famous works of Shakespeare, they also experienced their stage promotion as they were often mentioned in his works. 🥞

France often organizes pancake baking competitions. The baked pancake is thrown up high and caught again in the pan, and it is customary to hold a coin in the hand holding the pan for New Year's, so if the coin doesn't fall, you'll have money all year round. ⏳

The recipe for pancakes has evolved over time. Now there are American pancakes, beer pancakes, and even a pancake cake. 🥞

World Pancake Day, also known as 'Fat Tuesday', is a real opportunity to indulge in this delicacy with special pleasure, trying out different variations of ingredients, toppings, and fillings. ❤️



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